Rising Tactics Recap: Adversity

Have you recovered from Saturday night’s drama? No? I don’t blame you. This week’s Rising Tactics Recap breaks down an important theme from Phoenix Rising’s crazy win over T2, looks at a potential weak area in their defensive shape, and more.

Rising Tactics Recap: Passing Another Test

Missing players? Playing three games in eight days? Playing with ten men for most of the game against the OKC? No problem. This week’s RTR breaks down Phoenix’s most recent win – one that will go down as one of their best results of the year.

Rising Tactics Recap: Nitpicking

After four straight wins and climb to the top of the Western Conference table, it’s time to nitpick. Hey, even first-place teams can improve. This week’s Rising Tactics Recap looks at an area of the game that Phoenix Rising should work on before their next game on Tuesday against Reno.

Rising Tactics Recap: Patterns

Soccer doesn’t have set plays like (American) football but it does have many different possible patterns and movements that can be used to break down an opposing defense. In this week’s RTR, we’ll look at one of the patterns that Phoenix Rising uses the most.

Rising Tactics Recap: Thirds

Instead of my traditional-style individual game analysis, this week’s RTR is The Final Three multiplied by three. Enjoy nine Phoenix Rising-related thoughts to tide you until Phoenix’s next game.

Rising Tactics Recap: Vision Comes into Focus

Phoenix Rising’s players are running Rick Schantz’s system more smoothly than ever. In this week’s RTR, we’ll dig into some of the most important elements of that system, look at Phoenix’s midfield alignment, talk about Asante, and more.

Rising Tactics Recap: The Windshield De-Fogs

In this week’s RTR, I compare Phoenix Rising to a car, talk about windshields, and speeding on the freeway. Oh, there’s also some great insight from Rich Schantz and some of the players on Friday’s 3-1 win.

Rising Tactics Recap: Another Slow Start

Slow starts have plagued Phoenix Rising so far this season, so in this week’s RTR, we’ll look at one of the main causes behind their 2-1 loss to Orange County. Then Phoenix’s two biggest bright spots some well-deserved attention in The Final Third.

Rising Tactics Recap: Lambert’s Breakout Game

It’s time to appreciate Kevon Lambert. In this week’s RTR, we’ll take a look at what makes Lambert such a talented player and such an important piece of Phoenix Rising’s midfield on both sides of the ball.

Rising Tactics Recap: Goals Everywhere

This past weekend’s win over over the Tacoma Defiance was Phoenix Rising’s first home victory of the season. We’ll break down all four goals from the 4-0 win, talk about midfield depth, a slightly more positive game from one of Phoenix’s most out-of-form players, and more in this week’s RTR.

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